School Choice Resources

School choice describes a nationwide movement supporting the rights of parents to choose the type of education that best fits their children's needs. Since ACSTO founded the first tax credit scholarship organization in 1998, the school choice movement has gained significant momentum throughout the United States.

Here we have compiled some of the best school choice resources available—including information about the Supreme Court's decision in ACSTO v. Winn; reports, articles, and books; and supporting organizations.

ACSTO v. Winn Decision

ACSTO v. Winn Supreme Court Decision

The summary of the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in ACSTO's favor. The court ruled based on the issue of the respondents' (opponents') standing, but also discussed the credibility of the tax credit's merits and legality.

A Winn for Educational Pluralism

An essay by Nicole Stelle Garnett, Professor of Law at the University of Notre Dame Law School, written shortly after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in our favor in ACSTO v. Winn in 2011. The author explains the positive impact of this ruling on school choice nationwide.

Reports & Articles

ABCs of School Choice, EdChoice (2024 Edition)

Myths vs. Truths About the Arizona Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) Program, American Federation for Children (2023)

School Choice Bibliography: Empirical Research Literature on the Effects of School Choice, EdChoice (2023)

Tips for Choosing the Right School For Your Child, National School Choice Week (2023)

Fiscal Effects of School Choice, Martin Lueken/EdChoice (2021)

School Choice Guidebook, American Federation for Children Growth Fund (2021 Edition)

The Accountability Myth, Michael Q. McShane/EdChoice (2021)

How the Arizona School Tuition Organization Tax Credits Save the State Money, Deborah Sheasby (2020)

Private Schools First, Public Schools Last in K-12 Ratings, Lydia Saad (2017)

New York Times’ Hit Job on Tax Credits, Jason Bedrick (2012)


School Choice Myths: Setting the Record Straight on Education Freedom, Corey A. DeAngelis & Neal P. McCluskey (2020)

The School Choice Roadmap: 7 Steps to Finding the Right School for Your Child, Andrew Campanella (2020)

Why America Needs School Choice, Jay P. Greene (2011)

Supporting Organizations

Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF)

ADF is the acclaimed legal organization that represented ACSTO in the ACSTO v. Winn litigation at the U.S. Supreme Court.

American Federation for Children

The American Federation for Children promotes educational choice and innovation, with a specific focus on school vouchers, scholarship tax credit programs, and education savings accounts.

Arizona School Tuition Organization Association (ASTOA)

ASTOA works solely on behalf of and provides a unified voice for Arizona's School Tuition Organizations (STOs). It offers mentoring, resources, training and support to STOs as they work to provide tuition tax credit scholarships in compliance with Arizona law.

Cato Institute

The Cato Institute is a public policy research organization that provides thoughtful analysis on education reform favoring parental choice for their children's education.

Center for Arizona Policy (CAP)

CAP is a non-profit advocacy organization committed to promoting and defending family values. It actively defends policies geared toward religious and educational liberty in Arizona.

Council for American Private Education (CAPE)

CAPE is a coalition of national organizations and state affiliates serving private elementary and secondary schools. Its mission is to preserve and promote educational pluralism so that parents have a choice in the schooling of their children.


EdChoice is a non-profit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to advancing educational choice to empower all families with the freedom to choose the education that best fits their children's needs.

Goldwater Institute

The Goldwater Institute is a free-market public policy research and litigation organization that defends the freedoms guaranteed by the constitutions of the United States and the fifty states, including educational freedoms.

Heartland Institute

The Heartland Institute is a nonprofit research and education organization whose mission includes promoting free-market solutions for American education.

Heritage Foundation

The Heritage Foundation is another research and educational institution. It advances conservative principles including free-market policies, individual freedom, and school choice.

Institute for Justice (IJ)

The IJ is a civil liberties law firm that fights on behalf of individuals who are denied their constitutional rights, including the rights of parents to provide their children with a good education. It supported ACSTO and Arizona's tax credit program in its early years of litigation.

National School Choice Week

Held each January, National School Choice Week is the world's largest annual celebration of opportunity in education. This organization raises public awareness of the wide variety of K-12 education options available to children and families, while also spotlighting the benefits of school choice.