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Our goal is to make Christian Education affordable for your family.

We're grateful to have played a part in helping thousands of families afford tuition, and hope that we can play a part in helping yours, too!

In order for ACSTO to consider a student for an award, we must have a current Scholarship Application on file for that student. We only need one application per school year, not per award. All applications expire on May 31 of the school year shown on the application, no matter when they are submitted. You can view when the next Award Cycle and Application Deadlines will be on our Award Year Timeline.

ACSTO can only award scholarships to students who are currently enrolled at one of our Partner Schools. We encourage parents to begin talking to friends and family about donating to ACSTO and recommending their student for a scholarship during the year prior to starting private school. Typically, a student can be recommended for a scholarship up to 12 months before they begin attending a Partner School, and can be first considered for a scholarship during the Spring Award Cycle before starting school.

A complete application and/or a recommendation does not guarantee a scholarship. According to Arizona law and ADOR regulations, every STO must consider financial circumstances during the award process. ACSTO's Selection Committees consider Financial Circumstances, the Narrative in each student's application, as well as Donor Recommendations when making their award decisions. Our Selection Committees have complete discretion regarding all scholarships awarded.


'24-'25 Scholarship Applications are now available!

Need help writing the ACSTO Student Narrative? Our short guide will give you some ideas!

You can apply online through our Parent Portal where you can view your student's scholarship award history, update your family information, and reduce the time it takes to apply next year!

Expect the online application process to take about 15 minutes. You will need to write a narrative about your child and have income information available for all members of your household.



Prefer to complete a paper copy? Download and complete the Scholarship Application and submit it to us by mail, fax, or email, along with any additional documents. While we do everything we can to notify parents and schools when paperwork is needed, it is the responsibility of the parent to make sure ACSTO received a complete application and any required Overflow documentation.

Mail, Fax, or Email Scholarship Applications to:

PO Box 6580
Chandler, AZ 85246
Fax: 480.820.2027

Download Scholarship Application '24-'25


Please see our How It Works page for information about qualifying for Overflow Scholarships and required documentation. If your child qualifies for an Overflow Scholarship, please submit the appropriate verification form or documentation along with your ACSTO Scholarship Application.

Public School Enrollment Verification Form

Previous Scholarship Award Verification Form

Homeschool Verification Form

Out of State School Verification Form

Still have questions about applying? No problem! Contact us today—we'd love to help make Christian Education affordable for your family!