Partner With Us

ACSTO is proud to partner with over 120 Christian Schools in Arizona, helping to make Christian Education a reality for their families. Our heart is to see your school be as successful as possible, because when you’re winning, we’re winning.

This is why we go above and beyond to offer time and resources to your school to help you succeed. Here are just a few of the things that we offer to each of our partner schools:


We believe it is important to provide our schools with the best customer service and resources. We ensure our excellent customer specialists are available M—F to answer your phone calls and emails; answering your questions and offering the support you need.


ACSTO has a passionate, knowledgeable Coordinator team, whose job is to partner with your school to help you promote the tax credit program. You’re already wearing too many hats—let our Coordinators help! Your Coordinator is available to teach Parent Workshops, make a short presentation at school community events, or even just stand at a table at school events like back to school nights, open houses, homecoming, football games, or fundraisers to provide information and answer questions.

Parents love having an actual representative from ACSTO in person to describe how the program works. Make sure to take advantage of this resource and invite a Coordinator to attend your events! You can do this by calling 480.820.0403 and ask for a coordinator to come to your school.

One way to effectively generate donations specifically for your school is to participate in our annual Mailing Project. We work together to develop a mailing piece that goes out to all the people on your school's mailing list, and we pay all the expenses. This letter describes how your school benefits from the tuition tax credit scholarship program and requests that the recipient help your school by making a tax credit donation to ACSTO. Contact your Coordinator or our office to learn more.


ACSTO has donation brochures, frequent questions brochures, and scholarship applications available for you to display in your office and to provide for parents and donors. If you’re close to running out, or you need more, contact our office and we’ll schedule a delivery to you as soon as possible!

These are just a few of the things we offer our Partner Schools, but these just scratch the surface! Are you interested in becoming one of our Partner Schools? We’d love to talk to you about what’s involved, and to tell you about the next steps in the process—contact our office today at 480.820.0403!