What types of scholarships are available?

ACSTO awards two different scholarships, which are funded by two different tax credits.

Original Scholarships are funded by the Original Individual tax credit law, enacted in 1997 as ARS 43-1089. Any student enrolled in a Private School in grades K-12 qualifies for this scholarship or if the student is a preschooler with disabilities.

Overflow Scholarships are funded by the Switcher tax credit law which took effect in August of 2012 as ARS 43-1089.03. In order to be eligible, students must fall under one of four categories.

  1. Student is Switching from AZ Public/Charter to Private School
  2. Entering Kindergarten (or Preschool with a Disability)
  3. Student’s Parents are in AZ under Active Military Orders
  4. Student Previously Received Overflow/Switcher or Corporate Scholarships (ACSTO does not award Corporate; see

How do I receive a scholarship for my child?

To be eligible, complete our three page scholarship application. You may complete the application online, or you may mail, fax, or email it to us. The same application is used for both Individual and Overflow Scholarships.

Please keep in mind that scholarships are not guaranteed and many factors are considered by our Selection Committee.

We have multiple award cycles per school year; only one application is required per school year. Application deadlines can be found here.

ACSTO can only make an award if your student is currently attending, or in the enrollment process, for the school named on your application.

Applications expire at the end of the school year shown on the application, regardless of when they are received.

How are scholarships awarded and what factors are considered?

Our Selection Committees consider three factors when making award decisions:

  1. Financial Circumstances of the Student’s Family (This is a required factor by state law. It is held in strictest confidence.)
  2. A Narrative Provided by the Parents
  3. Recommendations Concerning the Student

Every student who has a current application on file and meets the qualifications of each type of scholarship is considered. If a student does not receive an award, it is simply because there wasn’t enough to go around.

What if my student receives an award but transfers to another school?

As long as the new school is a private Christian school in Arizona that has partnered with ACSTO, the unused portion follows the student. Otherwise, the remaining scholarship amount would be awarded among other students at the school.

May a student receive funds from more than one STO?

Yes, we encourage you to apply for any opportunities available. Our number one goal is for you to be able to afford a Christian Education for your child.

Do we award to families?

Per the Arizona Department of Revenue, scholarship awards are only given to individual students. There are no family accounts. These awards are non-transferable, even within the same family.